Lazy M Horses

The Lazy M Horses ranch, is located in Willcox, Arizona, where our horses live and grow, in the near perfect climate, of southern Arizona.

We raise Hancock, Driftwood and Hancock-Driftwood bred horses, wth the majority of them being Buckskins, Duns and Roans.

Our breeding program is based on the principles that our horses must have excellent conformation, be athletic, even tempered, and whenever possible, have color. Living on the range, as they do, they learn to adapt to variables of terrain, find various locations for water, socialize with an entire herd, as well as be good in the round pen, out in the open and in the arena.

Our Senior stallion is a Hancock, by the name of Red Rooster Hancock. He was bred by the late Walter Lamar, and is an own son of Hancock Duplicate. Rooster is 25% Joe Hancock, and does not go back to Blue Valentine in his pedigree, so he makes a nice cross on many of our Blue Valentine mares.

We also have a linebred Blue Valentine, blue roan stallion from the Broken Bones program in Lander Wyoming, named LZM Whipps Jaden and a Hancock/Driftwood bred blue roan stallion, named LZM Blue Drifter, that we aquired from the Monnens Ranch, in Hazel, South Dakota. Both of these young stallions have been extremely easy to work with, ride the best and are very athletic.

Our fourth stallion, Sierra Nike QT, is a homozygous, tobiano paint, and goes back to Leo six times. We get a foal crop from him each year, and are very happy with the results. He crosses very well on our Hancock and Hancock-Driftwood mares. Nick is also very gentle, easy to be around and provides Vicki with a dependable ride. He is 15.1 and weighs 1100 lbs.

The last, and fifth stallion we stand is 21% Driftwood, and is Perlino. He is also out of the Monnens program and this will be our first year of standing him. His name is LZM Ciders Ghost.

All of our stallions have tested 100% negative on the five panel genetic test program.

We encourage folks to visit our ranch in Willcox, Arizona, and always have horses for sale.

Lazy M Horses
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Willcox, AZ

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